Running is a pain in the ass, but it sure will give me a nice one

Went running again this morning and it was freaking worth it!

I stepped out of my house when it was still dark, then in like ten minutes, the sky went from black to blue striken with fluffy white and pink clouds and all the building around had a shimmering shadow, like there was an enormous pile of sparkling gold hidden behind them.

Second, my GetRunning app crashed at some point, so I decided to forget that I was meant to run for 25 minutes and I just went and I think I ran 32/33 minutes which is a huge achievement, considering that two minutes was enough to get me into apnea 6 weeks ago.

Only 3 weeks ago I was asking to myself if running does it ever become pleasant and I listed what I thought were my running-related pleasures:

– the smell of coffee when I get back home

– the wonderful skies in the morning

– the amazed/respectful glance of chubby dog owners that bump into me in the park

– the wonderful playlists that I put together

now I have to add a couple:

– the feeling of accomplishment when you achieve your daily goal. Well, no, to be honest I don’t feel accomplished, I feel a freaking super-hero!

– the first 15 minutes (so far), when your muscles are not sore yet and you are still able to breath without sounding like a pervert on the phone, and you feel utterly light and free and invincible.


7 responses to “Running is a pain in the ass, but it sure will give me a nice one

    • Awwww, thank you! It’s truly and highly appreciated, first of all because english is not my mother tongue and sometimes it’s hard to express the things I feel and think, and also because I’m really a beginner when it comes to running and I feel like I’m still trying to understand it, get to the core of it.

      • I have only been running for 8 weeks! 🙂 I’ve started many times before, always on the treadmill in the gym and either I got bored in no time, or I had something badly aching like my hips or my knees and I had to stop. Also I’ve always find it hard to be able to keep breathing after few minutes. Then at the end of August I decided to give it a try again and I started going running outside, around my block, in the tiny parks near my building. And in the morning. And it’s different. The challenge was there back then also, 5k are still 5km, but now it feels different, it’s not just about achieving a goal, it’s about experiencing a moment of the day I wouldn’t experience otherwise, it’s about feeling clean and free in a city full of pollution and busybodies. Well, and much more, but I’m still trying to figure it out. (this will become a post, I think)

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