State of the art of present fakes

– running every other day: still doing it, it’s the sixth week and I’m now able to perform and unbroken run of 20 minutes. it stil hurts. with a capital “ouch”.

– learning spanish: slowing down, too tired to memorize new words, not giving up, though.

– learning french: quest-ce que tu sais? (it should mean something like “what???”, but I’m sure I did write it wrong)

– learning WordPress: *whistles, looks around, blushes, strokes the floor with the tip of her right shoe*

– improving my tango: sticking to it, going to classes every Tuesday, unluckily I don’t have a partner to go dancing, that would be awesome.

– finding a place I can call home: it’s a long story. let’s leave it to a dedicated post.

– quitting smoking: 5 cigarettes tops every day. quitting would be awesome, missing real motivation. going to smoke the sixth of today, oooops.

– losing weight: *coughs, runs away in tears*

– learning how to dance swing: now, this has gotten under my skin, I was able to get into the boogie class (yay), but not the lindy hop one (sigh) because there are not enough men and that’s a bummer. and I’ve spent the most part of today trying to learn the Shim Sham by myself, with video tutorials. now, if everything in the world could be learned with video tutorials and you didn’t need other people to enjoy then my life would be perfect. no, not really, truth is that my life would be perfect if I was shamelessly rich and I could afford to pay someone to teach me wathever I want, whenever I want. if you don’t know what Shim Sham is, enjoy the video.


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